Interrogating Worship

Season 1

Episode 2

we set out to provide a pair of background episodes, speaking on our perspectives in the worlds within which we were deeply situated in the catholic space: worship (Ike) & youth ministry (Stephanie). full disclosure, we never actually recorded a ym episode *insert face palm emoji*

regardless, here we dive into our relationship to worship -- especially all the questions we have around it as the Disinherited. namely, what does it mean to worship "as one" alongside people who have historically been or presently are active in upholding systems of oppression? come for the deep shit, stay for the inside look into Ike's life (he shares a whole lot of his journey into that work, which we love). 

Disinherited is for the tired, disillusioned, & radicalized catholic. created & hosted by Ike Ndolo & Stephanie Espinoza. audio is engineered by Zorin McGuire. art design by Joe Sanchez, Jr. music by Ike Ndolo. kick it with us on our website, support us on Patreon, follow us on Instagram, & Twitter.  let's get free.