What Radicalized You?

Season 1

Episode 1

a few years ago after a long conversation at some Catholic event, Ike & Stephanie couldn’t shake the feeling like they needed to make something happen. in August of 2020, they decided to finally take the first steps. as a result of years of being tired, an overwhelming amount of disillusionment, & a growing sense of radicalization, the idea for Disinherited finally took shape.


in this first episode, we talk about how we ended up tired, disillusioned, & radicalized. Ike solidifies his place as resident storyteller & Stephanie says "mmm" a lot. we name our desire to operate outside of the white gaze, feeling like outsiders in a supposedly universal church, & the struggle of recording in a storage unit turned studio. get into it! 


Disinherited is for the tired, disillusioned, & radicalized catholic. created & hosted by Ike Ndolo & Stephanie Espinoza. audio is engineered by Zorin McGuire. art design by Joe Sanchez, Jr. music by Ike Ndolo. kick it with us on our website, support us on Patreon, follow us on Instagram, & Twitter.  let's get free.